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XVZ 12 TD, 1985,

Picture from Luxemburg, july 1997

Wonderful view of the bike in Luxemburg

The Beauty reads the map... were is the Beast?

My wife Pia
is an excellent passenger....
welcome to follow
on some of our trips!

Yamaha XVZ 12TD.
It is one of the finest touring bikes ever made. The V4-engine is reliable, runs smoothly and has ample power. The comfort and handling is outstanding and gives safe rides even on a long day's march. We think itīs really a shame that Yamaha stopped manufacturing this fine bike..
The new Yamaha XVZ Venture 1999 can be seen here (a little too much of a Harley for my taste). The choice for us when looking for a newer bike was simple: Honda Gold Wing 1500 SE!

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Last updated: december 16, 2007